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The product styles are diversified.
More Perfect Better Quality

Zhejiang Rokin Technology Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in researching, developing and maru-facturing of paper packaging intelligent equipment, it has excellent design and development team, ithas obtained 18 invention patents,52 utility model and appearance patents.

Having been dedicated ourselves to researching,developing and manufacturing intelligent equipmentfor 20 years, we unswerving uphold the policy “Humility makes progress, innovation helps prosper"and to supply simpler and smarter production equipment in the market.

We adhere to take clients'needs as our priority, keeping upgrading and innovating by pooling thewhole team's wisdom,talents and ideas.We are aspiring to the whole team's happiness both in mate-rial and spiritual respects and promote the whole industry's prosperity and development as well.

Smart case maker
Automatic Square bottom paper bag machine

Flat Bottom Paper Bag Machinea

Smart Board cutter

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Automatic Square bottom paper bag machine

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Multiple collocation   Complete one-time arm holding    Fully automatic production
Smart case maker

Multiple collocation  Upper/lower absorbent paper flying
High speed intelligence
Factory direct supply
Quality assurance
Smart Board cutter

Automatic feida conveying, centralized conveying and automatic palletizing
Fully automatic completion
Humanized operation
Factory direct supply
Intelligent packaging equipment
Make simpler and smarter mechanical equipment.
Rokin Machinery
Five Advantages   Manufacturer Supply
The product styles are diversified.
Factory Direct Sales
Qualification Advantage
Quality Advantage
Product Advantage
Industry Experience
Rokin's independent production has been recognized by many customers.
The diversification of R&D products has passed many strict tests.
Products have passed a number of safety regulations, and the quality is assured and stable.
It can be customized to meet the functional requirements of different customers.
Rokin has rich industry experience in paper packaging equipment.
Paper Packaging Equipment Manufacturer
Exquisite Workmanship
Complete Set
Superior Performance
Technical Innovation
Quality Assurance
Rokin hopes that in the future, the factory will realize the interconnection of five major systems: product lifecycle management system (PLM), ERP. Manufacturing Execution System (MES), production automation and logistics automation.

Enterprises that focus on R&D and manufacturing of intelligent paper packaging equipment have excellent design and R&D teams, and are committed to providing customers with simpler and smarter production equipment.
A complete product range is the beginning of your perfect purchase, including paper bag machines, slitting machines and other auxiliary equipment. You need everything, just because Rong Jian knows you better!
Strict quality inspection and ERP software management in the whole process ensure the high standard of each component.
The beautiful vision of "Industry 4.0" is deeply affecting all walks of life, and Rong Jian is the first to put forward the concept of "Industry 4.0" in the printing and packaging industry, leading the industrial development trend.
Factory direct sales, guaranteed product quality, providing quality after-sales service and solutions!
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The product styles are diversified.
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The product styles are diversified.

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